Thursday, November 18, 2010

part 1 of The Stranger

            In the passage that Meursault showed up to his mother’s funeral, but he looked like a cold man at other’s death party. Everything was meaningless for him. Also, Meursault seemed to care nothing about his mother, even she had died. Albert Camus suggests that a man who is indifferent of emotion acts as selfish and doesn’t care about other person or thing to explain how the essentials of society exist with moral standards. It represents human condition into young generation have been changed to purposeless with invisible love.

            When the passage begins, Meursault thinks that he is an outsider of the funeral; he says “I don’t remember any of it anymore.” (p17) He had no reaction to the fact of hi smother’s death, such as sadness or sentimental, but he doesn’t. Instead of this, Meursault memories what the nurse tells him “if you go slowly, you risk getting sunstroke. But if you go too fast, you work up a sweat and then catch a chill inside the church.”(P17) Meursault may want to find out a best way to finish waking to church in his mind. This reflects Meursault is self-central and selfish to react over death. He may think that death is death, but life is alive. “Sun” can be a symbol of new beginning or restart something; it reveals a wish and hope. In the quote, they talk about they should not walk neither fast nor slow, or they also get the bad result. This seems to symbolize the reaction of Meursault to mother’s death. He can’t be too sad or happy, so that he stands for no emotions, and Meursault’s response is “there was no way out.” He is totally agreed what the nurse says. In his opinion, new beginning is standing at a point without anything. The “sun” shows a goal of young generation is standing for invisible love but not into the moral standard as grieving over death. They represent different altitudes in situation of interpersonal and careless about the value judgment of their acts.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The essay of book ( The Kite Runner)

In the Khaled Hosseini’s fiction The kite Runner, the character Amir who is from a richest family in Afghanistan has passion for making better relationship with his father conflict directly with the antagonist Hassan, who is Amir’s friend, but also a servant in his house, ultimately resulting in Amir lost many thing and guilt fulfills his life to revealing that a love, honor, cherish between a friendship, father and son. 

Amir, a first person character in this book, recalls his memorial in past of twenty years. When he was still a boy in Kabul, Afghanistan, he lived in a nice house and has a rich life with his father, Baba. They had two servants Ali and Hassan, who were Hazaras, an ethnic minority. Rahim Khan was Baba’s best friend, who always did nice to Amir. One day, Hassan and Amie were playing when they run into three boys, one of named Assef. Assef threatens to beat up Amir for hanging around with a Hazara, but Hassan uses his slingshot to stop Assef. Hassan always did everything to protect Amir because he looked Amir as his best friend. Hassan was very good at kite running. He usually could know where the kite went and catch it.

When the kite competition began, Amir hoped that he could win the race because Baba was once a champion kite fighter. He wants to get more love from Baba. At last, Amir got his only kite flying in the sky, he asked Hassan to run that blue kite for him. When Hassan ran the kite which falls at last in the competition for Amir, Hassan tried to do everything he could do to protect the kite, and then he is been raped by Assef. Amir sees what happen to Hassan, but he choice to run away. Amir felt guilty by him because he knew what he did was sorry to Hassan, and he hoped Hassan could fight or argue with him to instead say nothing. In weeks, Hassan and Amir drift apart. Amir thought the only could solve problems was either he or Hassan must leave, or there is nothing being end. So Amir stuffs money and a watch under Hassan’s pillow and tell Baba that Hassan stole it. When Baba confronts them, Hassan admits to it, though he didn’t do it. At last, Ali and Hassan move away. At the meanwhile, the Afghanistan was invaded by Russia, so that Amir had left with Baba and move to California, America. They got a new life over there.

After twenty-six years, Amir became a writer. He received a call from Rahim Khan that he was asked to go back Pakistan. When they met each other, Rahim Khan had told Amir the things during those years about him and Hassan. Amir knew that Hassan was his brother with same father and he had a son alive. Amir decided to bring the boy back to America with him.