Thursday, November 18, 2010

part 1 of The Stranger

            In the passage that Meursault showed up to his mother’s funeral, but he looked like a cold man at other’s death party. Everything was meaningless for him. Also, Meursault seemed to care nothing about his mother, even she had died. Albert Camus suggests that a man who is indifferent of emotion acts as selfish and doesn’t care about other person or thing to explain how the essentials of society exist with moral standards. It represents human condition into young generation have been changed to purposeless with invisible love.

            When the passage begins, Meursault thinks that he is an outsider of the funeral; he says “I don’t remember any of it anymore.” (p17) He had no reaction to the fact of hi smother’s death, such as sadness or sentimental, but he doesn’t. Instead of this, Meursault memories what the nurse tells him “if you go slowly, you risk getting sunstroke. But if you go too fast, you work up a sweat and then catch a chill inside the church.”(P17) Meursault may want to find out a best way to finish waking to church in his mind. This reflects Meursault is self-central and selfish to react over death. He may think that death is death, but life is alive. “Sun” can be a symbol of new beginning or restart something; it reveals a wish and hope. In the quote, they talk about they should not walk neither fast nor slow, or they also get the bad result. This seems to symbolize the reaction of Meursault to mother’s death. He can’t be too sad or happy, so that he stands for no emotions, and Meursault’s response is “there was no way out.” He is totally agreed what the nurse says. In his opinion, new beginning is standing at a point without anything. The “sun” shows a goal of young generation is standing for invisible love but not into the moral standard as grieving over death. They represent different altitudes in situation of interpersonal and careless about the value judgment of their acts.

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