Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Plum Plum Pickers

In the passage of Plum Plum Pickers, Raymond Barrio suggests that the life of immigration has been view of illustration to show what they really stand for into the society from past to now. It talks about the opinion of existence between the lowest and highest social class with kind of allusion and repetition. He describes character’s personality by substance of setting to irony the exploitation existing as very seriously.

According to the first section of passage, Barrio set up the image of a character named Manuel “was trapped in an endless maze of apricot trees, as though forever, neat rows of them, neatly planted, row after row, just like the blackest bars on the jails of hell.” It’s an amazing image to emphasize the character’s mood and create serious feeling of farm works, and then it shows the immigrations are plum pickers. Maybe plums mean the goal of dream or excellent thing. In the meanwhile, Manuel’s name can interpreted as man or Mexican, even of manual labor. And also the passage’s tone seems to represent as sad and lonely. It shows many images how the worker’s lives being, such as their plum picking and lunch time. There takes an important position to create a background of workers, which they work at the bad place, hot dry day and short lunch time and so on. Barrio narrates the existence being in the lowest working class, which stand for unfair benefit and rights. He used repetitions to emphasize farm worker’s situation.

In the middle of passage, the author describes another character that named Roberto Morales. According to Roberto Morales’s name, it’s antagonist of the story can be represented as moral less. Morales is not a good man, but he is looked as a kind of clever criminal and seems to be a lead of farm and the group people named gueros, which have no concern to everything with crime by their conception and religion. So there shows that they stand for an unnormal conception into their lives with moral less, loveless and selfish. They play a role of upper social class to enjoy the unjustifiable acts to last more distance during different social class people.

At the part of end, there’s an announcement to workers by Roberto Morales that he will take two cents from every buckets, and then Manuel comes out and insists his thought that Morales ever promises them to take nothing. Manuel says to against this unfair offer. For workers, those are the unjustifiable exploitation. As Maxist definitions, working class is individuals who sell their labor power for wages and who do not own the means of production. This is the situation what the farm owner does and the immigration always takes position as this working class with less skill to become the target of exploitation leader. It represents the unbalance society being with unfair creative existence in modernist.

College Essay

My name is Lihua Li, and I come from southern China. This is my fourth year living in Boston, since I immigrate to the United States of America. For all newcomers, language is the most difficult and challenging task in our everyday lives. Therefore, more reading, writing and talking are turned into essential acts in our lives. A strange city, an unfamiliar life and all unknown people surround me all the time. Always, I hope those things will disappear one day and everything will become easier. I know it should take a long time to become accustomed to my new environment. Now that I am starting my last year of high school, it is time to think about college and my future.

      Many people think a good college and diploma is the basis of a high quality future and the way to lots of money. In my mind, those are just the first part of future.

     My occupation will carry the most importance and last a lifetime. I need to look at what my talents are and interests. They will be adventurous to me. I have been interested in Interior Design for many years. It’s a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. Every day in our lives, we spend time in many different places, such as home, office and school or some else public places. How to create a nice environment is very important and necessary for all of us. A house is the warmest place for everyone, at least for me. It is a dream of mine that one day I will be able to design my own house; a house that will provide happiness for my families; a place where we can share both good time and bad time together. That is amazing and special. My grades in the past were not great, but that is mostly due to my lack of English when I first moved to the USA. Now, I can handle my studies better.

       The New England Institute of Act is a very professional place to study. The college owns the excellent offering, form arts, culture and sports to outstanding internship and jobs opportunity. Meanwhile, I believe that I can be a conspicuous student there. After researching about your institute, I have become extremely impressed with the education you provide. That is why I would be honored to be a student at The New England Institute of Art. There I foresee my dreams coming true.

Friday, October 1, 2010

In Class Essay -- Red Shift

In the poem Red Shift by Ted Berrigan suggests that the change of emotions to show the society has been become different effects in fact. According the title Red Shift, there is one of definition is that it happens when light seen coming from an object is proportionally shift to appear more red. And otherwise, red is a symbol to label love, blood and anger. It means the emotions of people or the whole community will be disappearing without any lights coming.

From the beginning of poem “The air is biting, February” and the middle “eyes penetrating the winter twilight at 6th & Bowery in 1961”, it shows the setting of poem that is at the middle of 20th century in New York, America. At that time, the Great Depression impacted the whole American’s life. Many people were unemployment, and New York stayed at the conditions of high crime rates and low-income family. Berrigan set up the winter in New York as background to show that he was no any hot emotions for this society. In the quote “the streets look for Allen, Frank, or me. Allen is a movie, Frank disappearing in the air”, Allen and Frank are his friends, but Berrigan said they have no been appearing. He may doesn’t mean that they die. In fact, he thinks the real of Allen and Frank have changed by society, and they are not the same mind with before any more. “To breathe &who will never leave me, nor for sex, nor politics, nor even for stupid permanent estrangement” shows that he feels very lonely because there is no one can know he think and has same mind with him. He looks very sad and less hope. He also talks about the song “California Song” which sings the cold man was longing the warmth of California. “But no, I won’t do that I am 43, when I will die? I will never die” shows Berrigan want that people have no only longing , but also make the acts to change the situation which were they have. He doesn’t want to give up and he is strange to face that sadness. That is the society of less hope, less love and more anger in America. His mind is that it can change, but no with himself, and it should do with whole society.